About Us

Who We Are

We are an ambassador of luxury. Our mission is to achieve exceptional excellence that offers best quality, luxury, and unforgettable shisha experience.

We are a group of ambitious people who are passionate in Shisha and would like to share their experience with all interested people, by bringing a new concept and a new and unforgettable experience.

Through an experienced management team and its friendly trained staff, B.U offers high quality and a delightful shisha catering service. B.U concentrates on delivering the best quality, service, cost, and hygiene; in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

What Do We Do

B.U strive to become leader in organizing shisha outsourcing and hospitality services by providing high end products and services.

B.U guarantees a pleasant and a unique smoking experience with a delicious and freshly made shisha day by day. Our goal is to maintain quality, great taste, and excellence.

B.U remains involved in every aspect of Hospitality and Services, and we are dedicated to continuously bring new products and maintain a high quality for your catering amenities, and others.

B.U offers high end services, and we continuously make sure that our customers’ needs are properly addressed and added to our portfolio.

What Do We Offer

B.U provide complete trunkey Shisha solution

All Shisha operations and management, investments in materials, and equipment are under B.U responsibility

B.U provide Customized up to date, modern, and trendy Shisha

B.U provide a wide range of Flavor Bouquet Assortment from all the leading Tobacco brands in the World

B.U provide Top of the Line Custom Made Disposable Shisha Pipes

B.U Provide No.1 Premium Quality of Charcoal

B.U Provide all the relevant Premium Shisha Related Accessories, such as special coal carriers, Maintenance, Replacement and other innovations available in the market.

B.U management team will control and ensure the best quality of work and client satisfaction.

Why Us

Shisha Equipment requirements

B.U invest in all your shisha equipment requirements. B.U provide customized up to date, modern and trendy shisha.

Flavored Tobacco requirements

B.U invest in all flavored tobacco requirements by providing a wide range of flavor bouquet assortment from all the leading tobacco brands in the world.

Flavored Tobacco requirements
  • B.U provide only the highest quality of materials in shisha industry
  • B.U provide top of the line disposable shisha pipes
  • B.U provide, in addition to the traditional clay head, a high-end heat management device providing a full flavored and sensational smoking experience for the customers
  • B.U provide premium quality charcoal providing a much more enjoyable shisha smoking experience
  • B.U provide all the relevant premium accessories, such as special coal carriers, maintenance, replacement, and other innovations available in the market
Flavored Tobacco requirements

We invest in our staff, we provide well trained shisha staff and all their relevant expenses, such as residence visa, housing and transportation. We make sure that our staff are maintaining their hygiene and are well experienced and trained for client communication, shisha presentation skills, etc …We invest in staff uniform.

Management and quality assurance

Our management team control and ensure the best quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Branded Menu

B.U customize menus based on the client requirement and theme, entailing a mouth-watering flavor assortment appeal with a detailed brief for each flavor.

Marketing activities

B.U will customize the service in order to be aligned with your venue marketing strategy.

Procedural work

B.U follow procedural work in our service in order to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers:

  • Shisha Catering Operator will setup the Shisha service at the Restaurant/Lounge
  • The required Shisha staff will be assigned to the designated tables
  • We alternate shisha head filling, by way of instant filling rather than prefilling, in order to provide the end user with a fresher flavor appeal and a smoother smoking experience
  • Ice to be added to every shisha ordered in the ice bucket pocket of the shisha and ice-cold water in the shisha base to enhance the flavor and give the customer a chilled smoking sensation
  • Systematic Charcoal refilling by our professional staff, who will be dividing in an organized way and placed in zones, thus giving the customer a consistent quality service at a timely manner.
  • Regular service feedbacks and suggestions will be collected from customers and will be addressed in order to enhance the service