Emiland Farms

About Emiland Farms

Emiland is in the business of growing vegetables using advanced agricultural practices existing around the globe. UAE imports approximately 85% of its food due to the lack of arable lands Emiland is proud to introduce the advanced system in UAE to reduce its dependency on food imports and make the country self-sustainable. The advanced agricultural practices include an indoor and outdoor system for growing vegetables every day of the year.

Less water & fertilizer
Varieties of crops
Days production
Square meter growing area

What We Do

CEA is the growing of crops while controlling certain aspects of the environment in order to reduce pest or disease, increase efficiencies, be more sustainable, increase yield or save costs.
Our vertical farming technology is helping the world sustainably grow large amounts of food to create a healthier and happier existence for all.
Crop production systems that combine climate optimization, nature and protection. A-frame greenhouses are a building style consisting of a triangular frame with the apex pointing upwards. The structure usually rests on a foundation or legs from which it can be accessed from the ground.
Hydroponics is the growing method of choice in a modern greenhouse. The hydroponic system is based on the growing system by which water is provided to the plant while the plant does not grow in the full soil.
Emiland Indoor system is an LED growth light system based around Hydroponics which is completely automated, requires minimum manpower and can operate all year long growing organic fruits and vegetables.
Smart Agriculture ...

Crop Production

  • Green House Crops: Cherry Tomatos, Beep Tomators, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Various Type of Herbs.

    Open Fields Farming: Okra, Egg Plant, Long Beans, Carrots, Radish

    Indoor Vertical Farms Growing: Ginseng, Strawberry, Kale, Baby Kale, Various Types of Lettuces (Red, Green), Black Pepper

    Additioanl Seasonal Crops: Papaya, Banana

Crops Production

  • Cherry tomatos
  • Beep tomators
  • Bell pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Various type of herbs
  • Ginseng
  • Strawberry
  • Kale
  • Baby kale
  • Various types of lettuces (red, green)
  • Black pepper